Product Introduction

XLP(Extra Low Pressure) series is a very low pressure aromatic polyamide composite membrane element developed by Time Wharton Company for desalination of surface water and groundwater. It can achieve the same high water flux and high desalination rate as conventional low pressure membranes under very low operating pressure conditions. Its operating pressure is about 1/2 of the operating pressure of the conventional low-pressure composite membrane, thus reducing the investment cost of related pumps, pipelines, containers and other equipment and the operating cost of the reverse osmosis system, and improving economic efficiency. XLP series membrane elements are suitable for the treatment of low salinity water sources with low salt content, such as surface water, groundwater, tap water and municipal water with salt content less than 1000ppm, especially suitable for the second stage desalination of two-stage reverse osmosis. Mainly used in various sizes of pure water, boiler feed water, food processing and other fields.


Using proven and efficient technologies such as reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF), Time Wharton products are able to absorb more dissolved solids and organics and consume less energy to produce permeate than typical elements.


From use in brackish water purification to special separations, the components in the Time Wharton portfolio achieve high and economical performance through the following capabilities:

Withstands all working conditions.
It can be operated very efficiently at lower pressures.
Maintaining excellent structure and pH stability.
Resists bacterial growth.
Produces excellent membrane flux and salt removal.

Very efficient operation at lower pressures

Produces excellent membrane flux and salt removal

Maintain excellent structure and pH stability

Designed to handle challenging waters and achieve special separations

From separating salts, solids and other substances from water to producing ultrapure water, the Times Wharton portfolio helps address today's challenging water treatment needs.


Highest quality


Time Wharton filter is known for its outstanding brand status and can produce high-quality household drinking water, including low-pressure drinking water filter elements that can provide whole-house and point-of-use water treatment.

Times Wharton tap water reverse osmosis elements use advanced membrane technology, and have excellent reliability and consistency. Our automated manufacturing processes produce each component precisely to strict pre-defined specifications.

Like all era Wharton reverse osmosis membrane elements, household drinking water elements are precision manufactured and thoroughly tested to ensure they provide predictable, trouble-free operation and consistent high performance. They meet a variety of water requirements, from 24 gallons per day to 800 gallons per day. These elements can be used for dry transport.


Precision manufacturing to ensure the highest quality

Times WhartonThe reverse osmosis membrane element is manufactured in our ISO 9002 certified factory, which is produced using the industry's most advanced precision manufacturing technology.
These elements use high-quality raw materials to help achieve high strength, durability and consistency.

We thoroughly test our elements to ensure they deliver predictable, trouble-free operation. Our quality control process includes visual and vacuum testing of hoses as well as wet testing to confirm scrap rates and flow performance.

as a result,Times WhartonThere is almost no difference between components. Each of our wet components is packaged with a storage solution in an oxygen barrier bag before shipment to minimize the chance of biofouling.

We are assured by a reliable three-year limited warranty and extensive service and supportTimes WhartonQuality and performance of components.