R & D

National R & D platform

As the "National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Separation Membrane Materials and Applications", VONTRON R&D Center constantly carried out basic research and product development in five directions: material synthesis, dry membrane, membrane components, membrane applications and membrane systems.

Key R&D Project

◎ National Key R&D Program:

"Demonstration of High Performance Seawater Desalination RO Products and Applications", 2017-2020

"Safety of Reclaimed Water Supply System and Key Technologies", 2016-2019

◎ National Science and Technology Support Program:

"R & D and Engineering Demonstration of RO Seawater Desalination Complete Equipment with an Capacity of 20,000 Tons per Day

"Demonstration of Development and Application of Wastewater Treatment Technology for Pulp and Paper Making", 2014-2017

"Research on Membrane Detection Technology and Standards for Seawater Desalination”, 2014-2017

◎ National 863 Program:

"Large-scale Preparation Technology of High Performance RO Membrane Materials", 2012-2014

"Reverse osmosis membrane material and key technologies for its industrialization", 2008-2010

"Study on Application of Seawater Desalination RO Membrane", 2004-2005

Lead the formulation of National Standards

◎ GB/T 32373-2015 Test method for reverse osmosis membrane

◎ GB/T 34241—2017 Spiral wound composite polyamide reverse osmosis membrane element

◎ GB/T 34242-2017 Test method for nanofiltration membrane

Independent Intellectual Property Rights:

VONTRON is currently holding 130 patents, including 60 patents for invention, 62 patents for utility model,6 patent for appearance; and in addition it has another 50 patents are under examination.