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Power Industry Successful Case


1. Background


Electric power industry is an important basic energy industry in the development of national economy. The invention of electricity has promoted the development of modern civilization, and is an important industry to promote national economic development and social progress. However, one of the unavoidable issues of the electricity industry worldwide is water treatment. The electric power system has the special request to the water quality, the suitable water treatment system can save energy greatly, reduce the cost of the electric power industry, protect the environment, realize the sustainable development. The water treatment in power industry is an important concern.
The advent of reverse osmosis membrane technology provides a good solution for water treatment. While ensuring the quality of circulating cooling water and boiler refilling water, the recycling of water greatly reducing water consumption and reducing costs.


2. Case - Water Recycling Project of Thermal Power Plan


The project is one of the municipal key projects, the state key support project of energy-saving , emission reduction and eco-economy.
Project Location:Liaoning China
Water Quality:Standard Lever 2 Sewage water
Use of Permeate water:Circulate Cooling water
Time in Operation:Year 2006
Element Type:FR11-8040
Operation Lifetime:Over 7 years


3. Cost - Benefit Analysis:


Fixed assets depreciation, energy consumption, chemical and labor costs, the total cost of water production is 2.70 yuan /ton (including raw water costs 0.48 yuan, and now the cost of recycled water is 0.42 yuan). Currently, the price of tap water in the project is 4.42 yuan /t meter, the project can save about 3,200,000 tons of tap water every year, and save about 5,500,000 yuan for purchasing of tap water, plus enterprise savings follow-up processing costs 3,400,000 yuan / year, a total savings of 8,900,000 yuan / year. After 3 years can recover the investment. In addition, the project can reuse 4,800 ,000 tons of standard level 2 municipal wastewater, cut the COD annual emissions more than 300 tons, cut ammonia nitrogen emissions of about 140 tons, the economic and environmental benefits are obvious.